The Fixin' Side of Things

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What's Going on in the Shop?

It's simple math.  With 3 bays and 2 twin post lifts, and 1 strict standard of quality, we do our everyday job.  However, repairing your car isn't the only thing we do.  We make sure it dosen't have to comeback unlike many other garages out there who give customers a "bad taste in their mouth" towards automotive repair shops.  Our work is thorough to say the least.  We take pride in our work, and think nothing of failure.  We are equipped with some of the latest and greatest computerized diagnostic equipment available, containing a database full of knowledge on every inch of your vehicle.  Combine our ability to apply ourselves to any task, over 60 years worth of "combined" automotive/computer/electronics/hydraulics/pneumatics experience, and add in respect to the customer's wishes, and you get us.  We really have things going on in the shop.  At any given time of the day you'll see us working on jobs from simple oil changes to engine rebuilds and complete restorations.

Always Improvising

Rich is hard at work as usual, grinding down a bracket for a power window regulator on a 1990 Lincoln Town Car.  This simply makes for one statement.  Rich would rather repair what you have than replace it with something new if possible.  Most shops out there would inform you that you need to replace the unit with a new one for an obscene amount of money.  Not us!  We are not simple parts changers!  With a little additional labor rather than an expensive part purchase, you can receive the same results at a fraction of the cost (and still keep your car original)!

Classic Car Care

Muscle cars are not the only specialty vehicles we do work on.  As this picture shows (my red K-car and a friend's white one) we consider cars from the 80s classics as they are pretty much fazed out by now in the 21st century.  Say what you want, but there's no denying it that they all look different even if they are made by the same manufacturer (unlike today's cars that pretty much are all the same "bubble-round design") these classics are truly unique in their own rights.

Muscle Car Repairs

Here's a fine example of American Muscle at it's best!  What a beautiful machine.  This is a 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle with a 396 engine all dressed up by us.  Plain to see that when we do the work, it's quality over anything else.  We treat our customers' toys like we treat our own.  With the respect and love that they deserve.

High End Vehicle Repairs

We have a lot of experience with high-end vehicle repairs.  Take for example- this 2007 Aston Martin V8-Vantage (not too common to see here in the USA).  The customer had a problem with the convertible top which would have cost him close to $1500 at an Aston dealer out of NY, and that's just a STARTING POINT.  We saved him hundreads of dollars when we discovered it was a design flaw by Aston Martin which caused the rear dash to fail to unlock and lift.  To this day it's still working perfectly.

We Keep Our Area Squeaky Clean to Keep Your Car Clean

Usually at the end of every day, you'll see our team washing floors, cleaning work benches, and putting out the trash.  This is essential for our organization.  We simply can't allow your car to get dirty.  It's unacceptable.  Our epoxy coated floors ensure an easy and efficient clean-up every time.