Rob's Little Corner

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The Front Line of Sales

My office is kinda like a second home to me.  I'm here most of the day almost every day, and I always make sure to accomodate our customers to the best of my abilities.

The Command Center

Our desks are almost never completely clear because we're always so busy sharpening our edge on how to save our customers money and time.  If we're not buying new tools and diagnostic equipment for the newest vehicles then we're researching specs and procedures for classic cars or checking into the best possible prices on parts vs warranties.  As always, you can rest assured that we'll always show our confidence and pride to our customers with a full explanation of your repair as well as a detailed write up as to how the repair's need was determined.  There's simply no other way we work.  We realize that every customer is different, they all have their seperate needs, and we always do our best to meet everybody's expectations.  Just ask all of our repeat customers. 

The Atmosphere In Here

It's always light, cool, and friendly up in our office.  This is the only way a winning team can function.  That's no secret.  I have a secret to success though.  Wanna know?  It's simple.  Focus.  That's it.  I use music as a focal method.  I listen to just about everything out there. Lately it's been Martini in the Morning- a swing and jazz channel from california that simply can't be beat.  Check out what I'm talking about by clicking the link I provided below, then (as long as you have Realplayer installed) the website will autoload and should start streaming immediately.  You'll be right on target with our shop and office radios (unless Rich has his 70's station on, but let's no talk about that right now). Laughing

Click here to listen to what I'm listening too

Rob's Corner

This is where I work.  I know, it looks cramped, but it really isn't.  The counter takes up most of the view.  I enjoy sitting up here listening to my music through internet radio, typing up work orders, and chatting with our customers.  I've met many interesting people who have come through these doors since I've been here.  There's so many things to do during any given day that its a wonder I can finish it all.  To put it bluntly, we are constantly busy and moving.  In the end, though, it's all worth it to see people happy.