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This page is particularly dedicated to the stuff we see "once in a blue moon" around here.  Things like $100,000.00+ vehicles, one-of-a-kind customs, odd-balls, and maybe even a picture of something funny that just happened today.  You never know what you might find on this page.  It's probably going to take a while to upload stuff because of the nature of the page but remember- it's not about the norm, its about things we don't see or stuff that doesn't happen every day.



Hot Yellow Hummer Mania



Alright, this marvel rolled onto our lot in the middle of June '07.  I know this hummer looks nice, but there's the catch.  It's not just one hummer.  There's 5 in the picture all in one.  Can you find them all?  Here's a hint- the hard one to find is inside behind the windshield.



1932 Buick Model 92



Here we have a nice retired hose truck which is still driven to this day by a local owner named Steve.  We had this truck in for a coolant leak/overheating problem.  This truck comes equipped with an in-line 8 cylinder engine, 3-speed floor shift manual transmission, dual air horns, and even 2 spare tires mounted in the front fenders, and real wooden flooring.  HEY!  Don't think down on it, I drove it and eventhough it only has manual steering and virtually no suspension, it's still a nice truck.



Ford EX Concept



Ok, I know you've never even seen one of these toys out there, but that's because it's a concept vehicle.  Ford had this great idea of making their own version of the "dune buggy".  Too bad the idea fell through due to budget cuts.  It's a nice full size ATV, and would probably put a buggy to shame with it's future-like technology and fuel economy, but I guess we'll never see it hit the road.  I just thought it was interesting enough to throw on this page until something better comes along to take its place.  Hope you agree.



1999 Dodge Viper R/T 10



This car kinda has a sad story to it.  It's obviosuly taken care of and cherished.  The gentleman who owns this lovely black Viper was the victim of vandalism.  A few neighborhood kids were strolling the streets and happened to have a carton of eggs with them.  Well, the eggs obviously were painted on the car, but the impact was the main concern.  The hood was scratched and scuffed up.  There's simply no respect amongst today's youth for Mopars.  They must have been Mustang fans.



Boss Hoss 502



Here's something to gawk at.  This is a Boss Hoss brand motorcycle which is one of the 7 wonders of the world.  This bike costs over $40,000, and with good reason- this bike runs off of a 502 Chevy big block engine.  The owner actually rides this bad boy during the summer months. All I gotta say is: WOW.



1971 DeTomaso Pantera (Factory Original Car!)


This is one hot Momma!  An original 1971 DeTomaso Pantera- bright yellow and mean to drive!  This car belongs to a friend of the garage.  We had the pleasure of servicing this baby not too long ago.  Now she's parked at home in the heart of suffield.  There's nothing nicer than a rare car like this to cheer you up.  With a Ford 351 windsor mid-ship mounted engine and rear wheel drive and some of the fattest tires I've ever seen- this big boy toy will NOT leave you second guessing its power!


1957 Austin Healey



Remember those funny looking sports coupes that rode around town and were so low that it looked like you were sitting on the ground?  Well, John has taken the time, and in six years has turned a heap of rust into a beautiful machine.  Hats off to this guy.  You can tell he's got passion and pride in his work, just like we do.



2007 Shelby Mustang GT-500



Wanna talk about "Gone is 60 seconds"?  This is the hottest ride out there in my book to date.  Here we have a beautiful stock 2007 Shelby Mustang GT 500 with racing stripes included.  Trust me- when the owner (John) gets round to it, there'll be some customization going on.  For now, we'll just gawk at the picture until we get an update after a few months worth of work.



1996 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am - Retired Pace Car



Talk about a page out of the history books!!  Retired in 1999 when Riverside amusement park closed its doors, this was the actual pace car used for the races, and it went up for sale.  A friend of our shop has this vehicle is his posession now.  We have the privilage to work on it and road test it.  The motor is a Corvette LT1 engine with an automatic transmission.  WARNING: don't line up at a light against this car and expect to win.  You won't.



Johnny's Custom Chopper



This is something that's simply loud and fun!  This was a custom made bike from the frame up for one of our local customers.  The engine is a 1100cc harley with a very loud exhaust pipe set-up.  The air brush job was also done locally for the whole body.  My favorite part is the pointed cone air intake and the paint job on the fuel tank.  When John pulls up in this thing, your ears will start to throb, trust me.  Everyone who knows me knows that I just had to take a snapshot and paste it on our site to share with the world.  Its just the kind of guy I am.



1972 Ford Bronco



Here's a beauty.  This is a 1972 Ford Bronco witha full fibergalss body, plow setup, and original motor/transmission.  This beauty is locally owned, locally driven, and locally repaired as needed (at our shop).  The owner is a self-owned business man who collects a few older vehicles here and there.  His other toy is a 1974 VW Thing.  As soon as that car comes in, I'll post it up for you guys.



1987 Chrysler Conquest Tsi



 This is my friend Paul's Conquest which is now officially a race car on the track.  Suped up under the hood, this car is CRAZY FAST.  Trust me- I've punched it to the max.  (Sorry Paul).



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