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We know our stuff, and we can prove it!

Welcome to the web site for Doane's Accent Auto, Inc.  Simply put, there's no one who can top us!  We always give the best quality work out there for repairs with fair pricing.  Just ask around town.  Heck- ask around the world.  We have customers and friends all around the world (Puerto Rico, Russia, Montenegro, Germany, etc.), and either they ship cars to their home countries or drive them here in the states.  These are not one time customers either; they are repeat customers (so you know we must be doing something right, huh?).  With so many "big business garages and service centers" throwing coupons and adverts left and right to draw in business it can be a bit confusing on who has the better deal.  Well, when you take into consideration that you walk in their shop for a $29.95 oil change and walk out having spend $850.00 on stuff you probably didn't need- its a no-brainer that you just got taken for a ride.  Here we show you the repairs needed in person.  You can see us working in our shop.  We have nothing to hide.  Rich Doane has been at this location since the eighties (and many more since he was in high school) and knows how to get things done. He works in the garage on everything from a $60,000.00 muscle car restoration to a $200.00 '89 Toyota Tercel.  I (Rob) do a little bit of everything. I run the office for used car sales, repairs, online/offline public advertising, manage our U-haul department, and oh yea- work on your car too!  So when I say there's nothing that we can't do for you, I mean it.  What we want out of it all is to make you and your family feel safe, secure, and most of all... satisfied.

Hours of Operation

Service Dept: 

Mon.- Fri. 8am to 5pm



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Where are we? Just read here, and it's easy!

There are 2 simple ways of you finding us.  One way is Google© Earth, and the other one is simply telling you.  For Google© Earth users, type in our address and click "get directions" (if you need a copy of the program, feel free to click the link below for a download site).  Now, for all of you non-computer savvy guys out there, don't feel left out.  I got your back!  Check this out:  we are located on the south side of East Street in Suffield, CT (or CT-Rte. 159 to all you locals).  From Interstate 91 north or south, take exit #42 to Windsor Locks CT-Rte. 159.  At the end of either off-ramp, simply take a left hand turn to run north on CT-Rte 159.  Just follow this road into Suffield, and we're on the right hand side after the town border.  Just look for our sign.  Come on over for the savings, and come back again for the same satisfaction every time.

Learn how to contact us here!

There are 4 ways to get a hold of us. Please choose a method.

1.) Call us at 860-623-3894 .

2.) Fax us at 860-623-3523.

3.) Stop in or mail us: 1106 East St. South, Suffield, CT, 06078

4.)E-mail us by clicking on the link below.

Any information posted on this web site is for public viewing and is screened personally by me (Rob) before publication.  If you have any quarrels with me on any content posted on this website, please feel free to e-mail me at our company e-mail address and put my name in the subject title.  As always, the pictures posted here are not patented or copyrighted in any way, so feel free to use them if you so desire.